Jordan Junior High

1974 - 1977

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Fabian,Ross, Etc.

Kevin,Carl, Lance etc.


Sheri,Sue and Julie

Lee, Mike and Scott

Tom, Lynn, Carl, Dominique and Stacey



Lynn, Jeaninne & Debbie

Dennis, Lori, Lynn and Eric

Large Group Shot

Same group, different camera

Signing Yearbooks

Stacey Osborne

Lori Mobley &
Lynn Grossi

Dara, Marilyn, and Laurie

Graduation Day

Teacher playing Santa

9th Grade

Bob Rogers and Esther Padilla

Rich Garcia - '75

Jordan Graduation -1977

The Geometrio '76
(Doesn't "trio" mean 3?)

Shari Speed

Stacey Osborne

Jim Marx

Mary Mingin and Steve Izay

Lynn Grossi

Shari Speed & Stacey Osborne

Lori Mobley

Mariam Abrahms

Tom Peltier

Group Shot

Kevin Parra

Jose Rodriguez & Lori Mobley

Dave Blaker goin' for cope

Goin' for cope again...

Marianne Rubaclava

Robert Hersey

M. Rubalcava and Paul Daza

K. Woodward and D. Marra

Kip Morales

Mariam Abrahms and Syd Yost

Robert Hersey

Dave Blaker

Bill Leone and Gary Kemsley

Scott Shordon and Jim Schad

Fabian Ospina

Bill Pinell and Ross Gunell

Orv Grene´

Mike Klasna

M Chrowstowski, & Lori Shepard

Gary Wardle

Ross Gunnell