Pictures from High School Years

1974 - 1977

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Graduation Day - June 12, 1980
Burroughs Graduation Announcement
John Burroughs 1980 Class Pic

Miscellaneous photos from 1977 - 1980


Strike - 1980

Ross and Dave

Mike Patronette

Marsue and Dave

Shelly Isbell

Mike Cusamano - 1979
Lori at the Pier
Santa Monica Pier

Steve Dutka and his untested Camaro

Dave H. Rob S. Trevor M.

Tyla Villareal and Julie Urbanovich - 1980

Trevor M. and Dave H.

Sheila B, Cindy C., Dara S. Debbie McG, and Colleen B. - 1980

Orv Grene and Rich Garcia at JBHS, 1980

Support your Local Teachers Union....

Nini's Beach - 1979

Nick Manocchia

Dave Habitz


Ever see this movie...?

Rob Sois, Tony Tobin

Dave Habitz

Steve Saylor

Cap'n Tony

A typical Monday night at Rob Solis' house, 1980

A typical Tuesday night at Rob Solis' house, 1980

A typical Wednesday Night at Rob's house

Literature night at Rob's house, 1980

Nick Manocchia Self Portrait, 1980

Social Drinking at Rob's House

Young Life event, 1979

Skaterats, 1980

Valley kooks.

Tony, Trevor and Dave

Young Life event, 1979

Dereck Jordan telling us Trevor Morales is #1! - 1980

Lynn Grossi, Dominique Marra, Lori Mobley, Karen Chase - 1980

Mr. Lloyd and friends.

Mr Lloyd and Friends II

Who is that masked man?

Sheik Dereck Jordan -1980

Dara Sevic - 1980

Sophomore shool ID

Dance Pictures

Marianne and Brian

Syd and Brian

Pre prom party

Getting ready for a dance -1979

Mark and Jeannine at the Sr. Prom

Prom Night, 1980

Marla Rudberg & Steve Cox - Bkwrds Dance 78

Quick! Somebody call the fashion police...

Dance - 1979

Party at Dominique's House, 1980
Lynn Grossi, Karen Chase and Dana Tantlinger
Tom Dyrness and Mike Kightlinger
Sean Williams, Grant
Osborne and Lee Ellison

Dave Habitz enjoying a little guacamole..

Tony Tobin, Dominique and Lee Ellison