Elementary School Pictures

Kindergarten 1967-1968

Mrs. Goff, McKinley

Mrs. Brady, Stevenson

Mrs. Randolph, Central (Disney)

First Grade1968-69

Mrs. Macomb, Disney

St. Finbar

Mrs. Green, Roosevelt

Second Grade 1969-70

Mrs. Sawyer, Disney

Mrs. Cocreham, Roosevelt

Third Grade 1970-71

Mrs. Pontine, Edison

Miss Phelan, McKinley

Mrs. Frankamp, Roosevelt

Fourth Grade 1971-72

Mrs. Burgoyne, McKinley

Miss Hains, McKinley

Miss Rohrbaugh, Edison

Mrs. Candy, Roosevelt

Mr. Garret, Stevenson

Fifth Grade 1972-73

Mrs. Meehan, McKinley

Mrs. Goldberg, Roosevelt
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Sixth Grade 1973-74

Ms. Derian McKinley

Mrs. McGlinsey Mckinley

Mrs. Spohr, Stevenson

Mr. Walsh, Roosevelt
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These 4 below are from Roosevelt. Not sure of the year...

Here's a couple of team pictures from the early 70's. I recognize a few faces, but let me know if you know who any of these guys are. (I got a couple more of these I'll put up later...)

1971 Vikings
1973 Finbar
1974 Finbar